First and foremost is our firm belief in God and his ability to work through us. Second, is the fact that we only hire the best to join our team.  Each year we receive literally hundreds of applications and resumes from people around the country.  We review each applicant carefully selecting the best of the best for employment opportunities with our firm.

     If you have a high degree of professional training in a unique field of study, possess a talent, which you feel may be of some use to us, let us know.

     We are particularly interested in working with those who are skilled in the following areas:

  • Private Investigation
  • Forensics
  • Executive Protection


  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Specialized Military Training
  • Interpreters of Languages



Jake Ross Detective Agency 
Phone: 386-258-8709
Toll Free: 1-800-587-9096
Fax: 386-258-0751
E-Mail: jross29314@aol.com

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