Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses our services?

  • Major Corporations
  • Government Agencies
  • Attorneys
  • Entertainers
  • Private Individuals, like yourself


Is my information kept confidential?

     Absolutely, anything that you tell us including your identity is treated with the utmost discretion.  The results of our investigations and findings are your property and can only be released and reported to the person that retained our services.

What are the most important skills needed to be a private investigator?

     To work as a private investigator requires good communication, reasoning and people skills.  Knowledge of relevant laws, and the thousands of other things a private investigator might encounter require an ability to learn rapidly.

How can I obtain a copy of Mr. Ross' book, "Jake Ross, Private Investigator"

     Arbor Books originally released the book in 2006, in paperback version. You can order the book from various resources on the internet, including Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com, and Borders Books. You can also order a book directly from Mr. Ross via e-mail.  Please refer to the bottom of each page of this website for  further information on how to order a book.



Jake Ross Detective Agency 
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