Fee  Structure

For over thirty-five years Jake Ross Detective Agency has set the standards for the private investigative field. Rates and expenses vary and are provided to qualified clients upon consultation and evaluation of specific requirements. We give our clients the most accurate estimate possible before performing any work, and pre-approve all expenditures with the client so that there will be no surprises. Working together, we will formulate an
investigative plan that makes sense both logistically and financially.

     While we encounter many cases that are similar in nature, every case is different. It has always been our practice to charge our clients a "flat rate" for our services as opposed to charging by the hour.  We also do not bombard or surprise our clients with various hidden charges such as mileage, telephone calls, meals, etc.

     To retain our services one needs only to contact our office at (386)
258-8709 or e-mail your request to Jross29314@aol.com.  After carefully reviewing the details of your particular case, whenever possible you will be quoted a flat fee for your particular investigation on the spot. (While there are variables that may increase or decrease your fee, a final fee will be agreed to before any investigative services are performed by us.)  Some of the primary factors that will determine your fee are as follows:

  • Nature of the Investigation
  • Information available to us to work with
  • Difficulty
  • State/Country where services will be performed.
  • Number of agents needed.
  • Risks involved.

     While this practice may seem a little different, our logic is sound. With other agencies, resolving your case quickly is actually bad for business. The longer it takes them to solve your case, the more billable hours they can rack up. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to expend several hundred man-hours in the course of investigating and resolving a difficult criminal case. It is also not uncommon to retain an investigator, pay for many hours of work, and still not have your case resolved. At Jake Ross Detective Agency, solving your case is our primary objective...not how many hours we can squeeze out of you, as with many other detective agencies.

     Once you have retained our services, you do not have to pay a penny more; no matter how long it takes us to resolve your case. We work until we bring your case to a final conclusion, not until you run out of money.



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